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Woman Tries To Frame Ex-Boyfriend

Princess Chavez told Albuquerque police that a man wearing a black ski mask entered her home, forced her to ingest prescription pills, and then proceeded to beat her. Chavez told police she awoke to find herself gagged and hog tied. She told cops she was able to locate her car keys, press the panic button, and alert neighbors. Albuquerque police arrived at Chavez' trailer home in Northeast Albuquerque to find Chavez covered with bruises, and her eyes swollen shut. Chavez told police she didn’t see the attacker's face but recognized his voice as that of an ex-boyfriend’s, against whom she’d filed a domestic violence restraining order. Two days later, it happened again. Chavez' neighbors found her gagged, beaten, hog tied but alive. After an “extensive investigation”, the ex-boyfriend's alibi checked out, so police set their sights on another man, Ronald Duncan, a friend of Chavez'. Chavez later told police that she had conspired with Duncan to frame her ex-boyfriend.

Source: ABQ Journal

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