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Man Escapes Fatal Beating

Police haven’t positively identified the homeless men killed in a field near 60th and Central NW late Friday night, and APD Spokesman Simon Drobik said the Office of the Medical Investigator will be tasked with making notifications and identifying the two men. Police found a driver’s license in Carrillo and Tafoya’s home that belonged to Allison Gorman. Witnesses told police one of the victims was called “Al,” according to the complaint. A homeless man named Emerson Roanhorse, 62, waiting at a bus stop near the vacant lot on Monday, said he knew the murdered men as “Coyboy” and “Yazzie.” Roanhorse said both “Coyboy” and “Yazzie” were Navajo, like him. He had been drinking with the two men Friday night and had slept in the corner of the vacant lot and saw part of the attack before running away, Roanhorse said. Other men who knew the victims said they were Navajo.

Source: ABQ Journal

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