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'Van Mom' Indicted Again

Oriana Farrell, the Tennessee mother of five who made national news when she fled a chaotic speeding stop near Taos twice in October 2013, and officers reacted by smashing her van’s window and firing at the vehicle full of kids, has been indicted again. In August, charges against Farrell stemming from her confrontation with the State Police were dropped under a state Court of Appeals ruling. But a Taos County Grand Jury on Thursday afternoon reinstated the same charges she faced before. Farrell, 40, was indicted anew on counts of aggravated fleeing an officer, child abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia, said Taos District Attorney Donald Gallegos. “We’re just ready to move the matter forward and get it in front of jurors so they can decide,” said Gallegos. The jury took “just a matter of minutes” to reach its decision to indict Farrell, he added.

Source: ABQ Journal