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Murder Suspects Stole Booze Say Cops

Police say three teenagers murdered 22-year-old Andrew Junqueira after the group possibly tried to sell him fake cocaine at a house party near Tramway and Indian School Wednesday night. Ryan Baca, 19, who was also invited to the party, was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit a first degree felony and assault with intent to commit a violent felony. Donovan Young, 17, and 19-year-old Juan Martinez face the same charges. Baca, Martinez and Young are also suspects in two Smith’s robberies earlier in the month. Three suspects went into the Smith’s at Golf Course and Paseo on Dec. 11 and grabbed about $1,000 in alcohol. When an employee went up to one of them, the suspect pulled a gun on the employee. The three did the same thing a few days later, when police say they went to a Smith’s on Fourth Street and stole a large amount of alcohol and left without paying

Source: ABQ Journal