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Officers Attacked While Responding To Beating Call

Renee Tafoya never regained consciousness following an assault in January, and died Sunday after remaining in a coma since the incident. Anthony Abeyta, Tafoya's husband, is jailed on a $500,000 cash or surety bond as a result of the attack, for which he was indicted on 28 felony charges including attempted murder. Police were called to Tafoya and Abeyta’s Albuquerque home near Chelwood Park and Interstate 40 on Jan. 16, 2014. The couples’ 18-year-old son, Anthony Abeyta Jr., called police and told a 911 dispatcher that his father had killed his mother. He told police Abeyta repeatedly kicked and punched Tafoya in the face and temple. When police arrived, the elder Abeyta attacked two responding officers, Sgts. Ferris Simmons and Paul Judd. Both officers were punched, and Simmons was taken to the hospital for injuries to her head and wrist and bruises under both eyes.

Source: ABQ Journal